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WRiting Resources

At Do Wha(TS) Write, we want you to get creative! Below are a list of sites where you can find writing resources, lists to other contests to enter, and more.

Reedsy's best writing contests of 2022

Once again, we're beyond thrilled that Do Wha(TS) Write has made Reedsy's best contests list: this time, for our 2022 contest, which will open in September of 2022. Check out the full list here.

Reedsy is a great resource for writing tips, prompts, and ideas.

Kindlepreneur's writing contest list

The lovely people at Kindlepreneur have listed Do Wha(TS) Write on their site! Check out the full list here.

Kindlepreneur is a place to learn more about book marketing, writing, and formatting - a fantastic resource for any and all aspiring writers.

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