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Do WHA(TS) Write!
Creative wRiting Contest


An annual international writing competition fundraising for Tourette Canada. The 2022 Contest has closed! Stay tuned for the 2023 contest.








/ what is tourette syndrome?

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is defined by Tourette Canada as a "brain-based on condition that causes people who have it to make involuntary sounds and movements called tics". TS is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder by the DSM-5. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 1 in 162 children have TS.

What is important to remember about TS is that individuals with this condition are not in control of the seemingly random actions they are performing. This can be difficult to understand for those without TS, because they are used to having complete control over their bodies, and may not be able to understand what it is like not to. However, this is the reality for individuals with Tourette Syndrome.

/ why do wha(ts) write?

Do Wha(TS) Write was founded by Julie Midroni, a young woman with Tourette Syndrome, who wished to support Tourette Canada: a national charity that supports individuals with TS and their families. Not only is a writing competition a low-cost (and thus easily accessible) fundraiser, it also gives those with TS a platform through which to  express messages that are meaningful to them. Of course, the contest is open to anyone - not just those with Tourette's. 

In running Do Wha(TS) Write, Julie hopes to not only raise money for Tourette Canada, but also to raise awareness about a condition often ridiculed and dismissed in popular culture. Click here to learn more about common misconceptions surrounding Tourette Syndrome, and watch the video below to learn more about the contest!

/ What is Tourette Canada?

Tourette Canada is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about Tourette Syndrome and provides support programs for individuals affected by TS. As a national organization, Tourette Canada runs both local and national programs to fulfill its mandate.

100% of the money Do Wha(TS) Write raises - every penny you pay - goes directly towards Tourette Canada. In fact, the payment forms are directly linked to the Tourette Canada bank account - we never see or control any of it.

If you are interested in providing further support to Tourette Canada, consider donating whatever amount you'd like, via the button below:

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